If you notice the same type of error occurring in another tax year, file an amended return for that year to prevent or reduce the accrual of penalties. We encourage you to consult with a tax attorney if you received a CP2000 notice and want to challenge it. Our team of tax attorneys has extensive experience challenging CP2000 notices, both administratively and through litigation in U.S. Tax Court, which has saved our clients millions of dollars in proposed tax assessments.

Irs Cp2000 Letter Overview

With the help of an experienced tax attorney, your penalties can often be reduced or negated completely, so if you find yourself with a CP2000 letter, always seek out an experienced attorney for CP2000 help. The taxpayer must address these issues timely, failure to do so will result in an assessment of additional taxes, interest and penalties. Employers, banks, businesses and others are required to provide the IRS forms each year that shows how much they paid a taxpayer. When the taxpayer files a tax return for the year, the IRS compares the 3rd party disclosure documents to the tax return. If the information on the return doesn’t match the information reported, the IRS will typically send out a letter called a “CP2000 Letter” or CP2000 “under-reporter inquiry”. Calling the IRS works well if you have a simple explanation for the discrepancy.

Tips to Avoid Getting an IRS CP2000 Notice

The taxpayer is given time to respond to the CP2000 letter and provide explanation and proof if necessary to dispute the proposed number OR to simply agree to the proposed number if the taxpayer agrees with it. Once you understand your position with the IRS, we can also help you enlist support to deal with Irs Cp2000 Letter Overview the IRS. A tax professional from our trusted tax resolution partner can help you navigate the CP2000 notice and any taxes owed from it. Book a free call to learn how we can help you navigate your CP2000 notice. The IRS would consider abatement of Penalties if you submit a response to the additional tax.

What is the letter after CP2000?

Your CP2000 might come with a response letter or form which explains the steps you need to take to approve and submit the proposed changes. You can return your response by mail or fax to the return address or fax number printed on the notice.

Usually, these notices are generated well after the April filing season, and any refund that was due to you will have already been issued. If you disagree with the changes proposed by the IRS, contact any businesses, https://kelleysbookkeeping.com/fringe-benefits-rates/ institutions or individuals that provided incorrect information to the IRS so they can rectify their error. These disparities are generally easy to remedy and are due to small errors like typos.

Prevent future underreporting and resulting penalties.

If some but not all of the discrepancies have been resolved, the IRS will send you a CP2000 notice with a new proposed tax calculation. If you believe that the information on the IRS CP2000 notice is incorrect because someone is using your name and social security, file a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. You can find more information on the IRS identity theft information web page.

If they accept your explanation, they will send you a letter telling you that the issue has been resolved. When your tax return doesn’t match income information the IRS has (like Forms W-2 and 1099), the IRS sends a notice. It’s usually a CP2000 notice, also called an underreporter inquiry.

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Tax Court by filing a Petition within 90 days of the issue date of the Statutory Notice of Deficiency. If a taxpayer ignores the CP2000 or doesn’t respond by the due date, the IRS will follow up with CP-3219-A, which is a statutory notice of deficiency. These notices are more serious and require more than simply following instructions and filling out a form or requesting an appeal.

These tax resolution specialists can help with any aspect of your taxes, including representing you before the IRS. An IRS letter might make you nervous, but receiving a CP2000 notice is no reason to panic. It’s quite common to get one, and they don’t always result in an increased bill. You will want to double-check your financial activity for the year cited before you conclude whether the figure on the notice is correct.

It usually helps the taxpayer to understand the problem if an updated return is created with the new information and any additional income exclusions and deductions. Provide a signed statement explaining why you disagree and supply any documentation to support your statement. Send it (along with the response form) to the IRS address printed on the CP2000. If you can’t pay the full amount right away, you can set up a short-term payment plan or a long-term installment agreement with the IRS. Payment plans must be repaid in 180 days or less, while installment agreements require monthly payments. If your response included items that were taxable, however, were still left with a balance due to the IRS for the CP2000, then the Updated balance detailed in the Notice of Deficiency might be accurate.

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