[The setting is a casual conversation between Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and actor Karl Urban at a local coffee shop. The two of them begin to discuss various legal topics in a light-hearted manner.]

Neil Gorsuch Karl Urban
Hey Karl, have you ever heard of third party legal liability insurance? It’s quite an interesting topic. Yeah, I’ve come across it before. It’s important for businesses to have coverage for any legal claims made by third parties.
Speaking of legal terms, do you know about the hat trick wicket rules in cricket? Absolutely! It’s quite a fascinating aspect of the game. Scoring three wickets in consecutive deliveries is definitely a rare feat.
Have you ever encountered a facilitator agreement in your line of work? Yes, I’ve had to sign facilitator agreements for certain projects. It’s important to understand the legal implications before signing any document.
What about Montana marital property laws? Do you know much about them? I’m not too familiar with specific state laws, but it’s always interesting to learn about different legal nuances.
Hey, did you know there have been significant innovations in legal tech recently? Yes, the integration of technology in the legal field has been quite remarkable. It’s changing the way legal professionals operate.

[The conversation between Neil Gorsuch and Karl Urban continues, delving into more unusual legal topics and insights. The two of them engage in an enlightening and entertaining discussion, leaving the coffee shop patrons intrigued by their legal banter.]