Yo, listen up, let me drop some knowledge
‘Bout legal terms and laws, no need for college
Have you ever wondered ’bout contract for difference vs futures?
Don’t sweat it, I got you, no need to suture
Or perhaps you’re thinking ’bout changing your last name, legally
It’s a process, gotta navigate it very carefully

Then there’s the sgeu collective agreement, what’s it all about?
If you don’t know, let me give you a shout
Now let’s talk about log formula rules, understanding logarithmic functions
It’s a game changer, no more assumptions

Down in Oklahoma, the legal drinking limit, it’s crucial to know
Stay informed, it’s part of the legal show
Then we got the cit meaning in law, what’s that all about?
If you’re curious, let’s clear the doubt

Wanna hear ’bout Massachusetts estate tax? I got the deets
It’s important stuff, no room for cheats
Don’t forget about the act court daily list and updated schedules
Keep an eye on it, legal matters are like battles

Lastly, the formation of contract offer and acceptance, it’s a big deal
Understand it well, it’s part of the legal wheel
So there you have it, a mix of legal insight
Hope you enjoyed this rap, now go take flight!